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Madison Green Box offers a low environmental impact alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes in Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI. Our eco-friendly, reusable plastic moving boxes, wardrobes, and other moving supplies will make your move easier on you and the environment!

For your next move, check out Madison Green Box for convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly options. We have everything you need for your move, including reusable plastic moving boxes, wardrobes boxes, moving dollies, and packing paper. Perfect for Residential moves, Business moves, Property Managers, and Real Estate Professionals!



Moving is hard enough without worrying about where you are going to get your moving boxes. We help make moving easier. We drop your Madison Green Box boxes off and pick them up at your new place anywhere in the Madison and Milwaukee area. Unlike cardboard moving boxes, you don't need to build and tape our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes and wardrobes before you move. Also, you do not need to break them down and dispose of them. The durable construction protects your valued possessions and the ergonomic handles make the move easy on you and/or your movers.


Madison Green Box plastic moving boxes save time and money because they are quicker to stack and move. Movers charge by the hour and cardboard moving boxes take longer to pack, load, and unload. Our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes stack up perfectly and are much easier to carry than traditional moving boxes.


Each Madison Green Box will be reused hundreds of times during its lifespan before being fully recycled. This makes for a much smaller carbon footprint than the cardboard alternative. Eliminating the production of 1 ton of cardboard saves 17 trees and 42,000 kilowatts of energy!

Madison Green Box, LLC., Donates to Green Causes