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How much is your time worth? Remember to factor these tasks into your decision whether to use Madison Green Box or cardboard boxes. Madison Green Box can also save you money on movers who charge by the hour – Madison Green Box boxes load and unload from a truck faster!


Comparison Cardboard Boxes Madison Green Box LLC.
Collecting Boxes 2 Hours 0 Hours
We bring them to you
Building Boxes 1-2 Hours 0 Hours
Ready to use
Breaking Down Boxes 1 Hours 0 Hours
Just nest them
Disposing Of Boxes 2 Hours 0 Hours
We pick them up
Total Time 7-8 Hours 0 Hours
Enjoy your new place!


Product Line Up

GreenBox Moving Boxes GreenBox Moving Wardrobes GreenBox Moving Dolly Zip Ties Recycled Packing Paper
Eco-friendly and industrial strength construction supports large stack and heavy weight. Ergonomic handles provide for safer, easier lifting and carrying. Enhanced security allows locking with zip ties. A great way to move your clothes. Sturdy design and velcro enclosures make these plastic wardrobe boxes better than cardboard. Moving Dolly Perfect for moving all of your packed Madison Green Box boxes. Prevent unintended opening after packing your Madison Green Boxes. Protect your valuables with environmentally friendly recycled paper.
27" x 17" x 12"
(2.5 Cubic Feet)
21" x 24" x 48"
  Zip ties are
100% Recyclable.
Each sheet is 24" x 36"
Moving Box Rental Rates:
Click Here for Pricing!
Wardrobe Rental Rates:
$10 for the first week,
$5 per additional week
($2 daily rates)
Moving Dolly Rental Rates:
$10 for the first week,
$5 per additional week
($2 daily rates)
Zip Tie Prices:
$3 per 50 count
Packing Paper Prices:
10 lbs/175 sheets $15

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