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Client Testimonials
Our customer's complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Below is feedback from some of our recent customers:


"Your service made moving so much easier! I can't imagine moving without it -- it would have been a nightmare! The boxes were wonderful and made packing, and moving, a breeze! They were worth every penny! Being able to have the boxes for two weeks was wonderful too! Thank you for such a wonderful service!!"

Jennifer Babb
Middleton, WI

"Lori and Mike were professional and friendly. There were so many advantages to using Madison Green Box. Not having to put boxes together, money, time saved by the convenience of having the boxes ready and handy, trips since we could fit so many more boxes in our vehicles, and the ease of unpacking as well. It was great, time, money, and environment saved".

Bob and Elaine Schenk
Fitchburg, WI

"The biggest mistake I made in our move was not getting Madison Green Box involved at the start. We ended up getting 45 boxes from you but it could have made the whole moving process easier had we started with you.

Madison Green Box definitely will take the stress out of the moving process. You don't have to ask the wine shop to hold cardboard boxes for you, or figure out the quantity and sizes you need to buy along with the rolls of tape. At the other end of the move you want to unload and organize, not worry about knocking down the cardboard boxes, bundling them and figuring out how to get rid of them. Madison Green Box delivering and picking up the empty boxes certainly relieved us of some of the stress that comes with this event.

Thanks again Lori for your help and we would certainly recommend your service to anyone planning a home move."

Randy and Nancy Trachte
Middleton, WI

"A+++ Service and Product!!! The minute I heard of using reusable, virtually indestructible, stackable boxes I knew this was the way to go. When I ordered, the boxes were delivered to the apartment I was moving from and picked back up from my new place at the exact time promised. The boxes were the perfect size and I absolutely LOVED the stacking feature. I personally ordered 15 boxes which was perfect for my pickup truck. I did have to make two trips, but that could have been remedied with a trailer. Dealing with cardboard boxes is THE worst part of moving, and at a very low cost and impeccable customer service, Madison Green Box makes the move a much less painful experience. I recommend this to anyone, regardless of the load to be moved."

Latif T.
Madison, WI

"I fortuitously ran across Madison Green Box at the Isthmus Green Festival just prior to a move of our household. I ordered the 25 box package, and Lori delivered them just as scheduled. They really made our move easier, and reduced the number of cardboard boxes we required. Service was excellent. I would highly recommend this business to anyone moving within the area."

David P.
Madison, WI

"I recently used Madison Green Box for a local move. It was amazing. I cannot express how great it was to not have to put together boxes only to break them down. I cannot believe how easy the entire process was from soup to nuts from ordering to delivery and pickup. Plus, because the boxes are solid and stack-able it made packing your valuables safer and easier. If you are moving for any reason: office or home this is a must call business. (Great that it's a locally owned company too!)".

Allison W.
Madison, WI

"Absolutely thrilled with Madison Green Box's customer service and product. I couldn't believe I moved my entire 8 person office with their small 3 bedroom tote package ... and at a remarkable price. We used a professional moving service and they charge hourly for moves. Their total invoice came in just under half what they quoted - no doubt due to the ease of the totes system. Keep up the great work MGB!".

Tara I.
Madison, WI