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About Us
Madison Green Box was created by Lori A. Carlson and Michael J. Bleker. Lori is a retired Audiologist and Michael is a Real Estate Professional. Lori's passion of a "greener" lifestyle and Michael's professional experience crossed paths to help grow this idea. We decided to take action after many years of increased frustration seeing residents purchase, gather, and dispose of used cardboard boxes after one use, while moving from one home to another. Michael has been employed in the multi-family housing industry for 16+ years and has always been bothered by the time, money, and cardboard wasted during a typical move. Our goal was to create a company that provides a "zero waste", highly sustainable alternative to cardboard moving boxes. The purpose of our venture was to create a balanced company that not only was a profitable business, but also served a higher purpose by providing a service that meets the needs of our community, solves a serious problem, and is very eco-friendly.


After much research, we came across this simple business plan that is being successfully utilized in other major markets across the country. We hope that you will also see the value and importance in this product as much as we do.


Our Vision
Madison Green Box exists to provide a sustainable, "green" alternative to the time and effort wasted buying, building, gathering, and disposing of cardboard moving boxes.


Our Mission
Saving our environment one box at a time!

Madison Green Box, LLC., Donates to Green CausesMadison Green Box, LLC., Donates to Green Causes